Processing of plastic masses


VIS is one of the largest producers of plastic consumer goods and the largest pots producer in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The production is carried out by spraying plastic products. It is a process in which we produce products of various shapes and sizes from plastic materials (plastic granulate).
The process in the plastic injection molding machine is carried out so that the molded plastic is injected into the mold (mold), which is made in the desired shape. When the plastic is cooled, the tool can be opened and the plastic part is removed from the mold.
The properties of such production are:

  • Large production capacity,
  • High product tolerance even in a large series,
  • use of different materials,
  • High degree of automation,
  • Small amount of waste and no further processing is required after splashing.


Production of dedicated plastic positions is our specialty and we can produce a complete position or some of the components. We have 9 plastic injection molding machines of 35-400 tons and a capacity of spraying up to 1300 cm2, of different manufacturers (Batenfeld, KraussMaffei, Arburg). We also perform CNC machining of plastics..
During the long-term cooperation with large retail chains, distribution centers, small shops, we are recognized as a reliable, safe and desirable partner, which is our motive to continue to work together to improve our business.