Quality policy

Our vision is to be on the domestic and foreign markets synonymous with a company that produces high-precision products and constantly sets more quality standards in its production and service delivery through an integrated system of tool development and production, plastic injection and precision machining.

Our mission is to improve our own technical, human and human resources, based on the principles of environmental protection, applying innovations in business and ensuring continuous education of all employees.

The future work of our organization must be based on increasing the satisfaction of all users of our products and services, using the latest technologies in production, using high quality materials, education of employees, respecting the principles of economy, rationality, purity, health and safety at work and environmental protection .

Tradition, customer trust, product quality and service delivery are our highest values.

The expertise, knowledge, skills, experience and ability of our employees are our wealth, quality products and services are the goal of our business.
The basic principles of the quality policy are:      
  • - Fulfilling all the requirements and expectations of the market in order to achieve full customer satisfaction;
  • - The Innovation Initiative aimed at improving existing products and services in order to create additional benefits for customers;
  • - The task and responsibility of all employees is continuous improvement of quality;
  • - All employees bear responsibility for quality assurance;
  • - Establishing a customer feedback system for the purpose of research and analysis requires the possibility of their realization;
  • - Establishing partnerships with suppliers to achieve maximum quality of supply;
  • - Establishing a good cooperation and affinity climate in which all employees understand their assignments, responsibilities and responsibilities;
  • - Consistent management of personnel policy, which constantly increases the overall level of knowledge, professionalism and competence of employees;
  • - Motivating and creating innovative and creative staff with significant contribution to their profession and in improving the business, adequately rewarded and long-term related to the enterprise;
  • - The constant responsibility and obligation of each employee is the protection of the environment, health and safety of employees, which is reflected through the efficient implementation of legal regulations;
  • - Regularly reviewing quality management systems, collecting, recording and analyzing data of importance for improving and improving all work processes;
  • - Focus on complex projects that require specialized knowledge to achieve competitive advantage;
    Banja Luka, January 11, 2017